Fall And Injury Prevention

Devoted Fall And Injury Prevention Services In Canton, MA

Diamond caregivers devotedly offer fall and injury prevention services in Canton, MA, for elderly individuals. Our services make the life of these people easy by providing them with adequate care at their homes. Moving older people to residential care facilities does not work for everybody. It involves numerous lifestyle changes which exert more stress on old persons. In such cases, opting for our home care services is the best option as it allows them to experience the comfort of their homes and enjoy personalized care from our caretakers.

With Diamond Caregivers, you will not have to worry about the quality of care that your loved ones deserve. Your beloved will continue to live their lives as they were living but more securely and efficiently.

To win your trust as the best caregivers in the industry, we have mentioned some ways of how our fall and injury prevention services in Canton, MA, are going to prevent your beloved from getting any fatal injury from falling.

Assisting In Safe Movement

It is commonly seen that older people experience a loss of muscle strength, flexibility, and balance while walking. Our professional caregivers provide emotional and physical assistance to older people who cannot walk properly. Besides this, we have various therapy programs that include specialized exercises that tend to improve the coordination of older people.

Removal of Tripping Hazards

Besides improving the physical strength of older people, it is equally essential to keep tripping hazards away from their way. Our caregivers will ensure that everything is removed from the high-traffic areas and walkways to save older people from slipping and stumbling. We will also be responsible for requesting repairs of loose floorboards, immediately cleaning spilled liquids, and installing non-slip mats near bathtubs or in showers.

Ensuring Stair’s Safety

About half of the falls that older people experience happen on stairs. Diamond Caregivers works hard to ensure the enhanced safety of older people while moving through stairs. In addition to the recommendation of using a cane, we have used particular types of support rails and non-slip treads on stairs. These assistive devices have significantly made our older customers stay steady and safe on stairs.

Lighting Up The Space

Carrying out all the safety measures mentioned above will be of no use if the space in which older people live is not lit up. Installing extra lights and keeping the place properly illuminated will lower the risk of falling for more senior personnel.

Our Unique Features

Our fall and injury prevention services are equipped will features that can enhance the quality of your living. Following are some of the values that our company can produce in your lives.

  • Our caretaker will assist you at every step of your way.
  • We will support you in your routines and help you live your lifestyle.
  • We will complete all the care arrangements that are required for your safety.
  • Our professionals will make you feel like you are spending your time with your family or friends.

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